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Making the grade

As a fulltime martial artist I spend most weekends teaching seminars. Of all the various aspects of my work, the seminars are by far and away my favourite. As I’ve said many times before, the seminars are always a fun day spent with people who are enthusiastic about all the same things I am. It’s [...]

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The Weights

Training this afternoon will be a weightlifting session. I really enjoy the weights and they have been a part of my training for over 20 years. Doug James was the person who originally suggested that a weight training routine may benefit my karate. And he suggested it for good reason as my upper body strength [...]

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It’s all Kata!

Two of my training sessions this week got me thinking (yet again) about what kata truly is. I was teaching a seminar in Morpeth on Sunday (a great day!) and therefore had to train first thing in the morning as I’d be busy for the rest of the day. Not a problem as I like [...]

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Kicking requires space, and in a live situation you won’t have that space. Most dojo sparring takes place at a greatly exaggerated range when compared to the street. When dojo sparring begins, it typically does so with a gap between the combatants of around 6 to 8 feet. In a street situation the gap will [...]

icon for podpress  Iain Abernethy attribute training using high kicks [0:51sm]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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