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Monthly Archive for October, 2006

Overdoing it?

As I type this I’m sitting in a very comfortable chair (you’ll remember from this blog that I got it as a birthday present). And it’s a good job it’s so comfy as the lower part of my back is a little stiff. On Sunday I was training with Geoff Thompson in Coventry. I really [...]

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Fast Track Arnis

I’ve recently been including Dan Anderson’s Fast Track Arnis programme into all my one-on-one training sessions, and yesterday was no exception. We started the session with quite a bit of sparring (various types) before moving on to some kata drills (obstruction removal and limb-control) and then some impact work (pre-emptive striking). To conclude the session [...]

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Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday! As I type this I’m wearing the superman pyjamas that were a gift from my children (they insisted I put them on immediately). They thought it would be fun if Dad had some pyjamas to match theirs … and they were right! I’m also sitting on a new and comfortable office chair! [...]

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It’s all Kata!

Two of my training sessions this week got me thinking (yet again) about what kata truly is. I was teaching a seminar in Morpeth on Sunday (a great day!) and therefore had to train first thing in the morning as I’d be busy for the rest of the day. Not a problem as I like [...]

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That Thursday Feeling

As is normal for a Thursday afternoon, I feel completely washed out! Thursdays are the day that I get up at 4:30am; drive 150 miles; train with Peter Consterdine, Brian Seabright and crew; drive 150 miles home; and then snatch a couple of quiet hours before teaching in the evening. Thursdays are long days! And [...]

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1st IainAbernethy.com Podcast!

Would you believe it! The uber-ludite himself has done a podcast! And this isn’t a one off! We’ll be putting these podcasts together pretty regularly and posting them as part of this blog. To be kept informed of new podcasts, please join the newsletter. As always, I had a lot of help from Richard with this [...]

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Kicking requires space, and in a live situation you won’t have that space. Most dojo sparring takes place at a greatly exaggerated range when compared to the street. When dojo sparring begins, it typically does so with a gap between the combatants of around 6 to 8 feet. In a street situation the gap will [...]

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My 1st Blog Post!

Hi All, The blog is now live! And if you are reading this then I’ve worked out how to post stuff on it! Something I intend to do on a pretty regular basis. On our site (www.iainabernethy.com) we already have a comprehensive articles section, monthly newsletters and a vibrant message board. So what will this [...]

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