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Hi All,

We’ve just added another totally new Extreme Impact video to this blog! This time it is the turn of Hooks and Uppercuts! The clip below is a sample from Extreme Impact 7 (coming out in Sept 2010) which includes a whole host of drills for hooks and uppercuts that develop all the associated attributes needed to deliver those techniques with knockout power!

This clip includes a brief piece of technical instruction from Steve on the mechanics of arching punches and a simple drill designed to develop explosiveness, power, footwork and aerobic fitness.

We hope you enjoy this sample of Unit 7 and that you’ll check out all the drills in the unit when it is released via iainabernethy.com in a few weeks time! Steve and I will be back with more sample drills soon.

I hope you enjoy making use of these drills in your training and teaching.

All the best,





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